Haim: ‘The wire’

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Record Reviews


The three sisters from California, Haim, took the UK by storm this summer and rolled in 16th in Rolling Stones top 100 songs of 2013 with their single ‘ The wire’ from debut album ‘days are gone’ and was by far my favourite song of the year. The song starts with basic clap beats before Este Haim’s clever bass comes in and before you know it you’re tapping your feet and nodding your head to Danielle Haim’s soothing voice, the lyrics are catchy and make the song one you’ll be singing all day aloud, no matter how hard you try not to. Unlike the bands previous singles it’s less soaked in synth and it features all three of the sisters singing, giving it a less electro pop and more rock pop vibe. Ariel Rechtshaid, the producer behind the song, brings the bite with clever hooks and backing vocals that make you want to jam along as if you’re in a 70’s indie rock band especially when the screeches of guitar and crashing symbols come in at the end of the song to round off the perfect four minute ensemble of sheer talent.  The song brings back the alternative rock that has seemed to disappear in the last few years of music and it brings it back cooler than it’s ever been making the wire my favourite song of 2013.

-Words By Caitlin Fraser-


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