Killswitch Engage: ‘In Due Time’

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Record Reviews



With the untimely departure of Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage, the internet became a plethora of rumours and hearsays.

Who was going to don the microphone and become the new front man of the masters of metal core?

The most likely candidate was Phil Labonte, the lead vocalist of All That Remains, who had already helped Killswitch finish their tour after Jones left. Until it was officially announced, Jesse Leach would be giving up his side project, Times of Grace and would return to claim his throne as the lead singer of Killswitch Engage.

With Jesse reunited with his former band members, Mike D’Antonio, Justin Foley, Joel Stroetzel and Adam Dutkiewicz both of the latter were also in Leach’s side project.

Their single, ‘In Due Time’, was released February 5th 2013. This single was the first release following Killswitch Engage’s previous self-titled album, which left a lot to be desired, and it was with this single the Killswitch rose as a phoenix from the ash.

Following the norm of Killswtch’s metalcore raison d’etre, Leach has incorporated his melodic vocals with gnarly growls and pitch perfect screaming. Unlike Leach’s debut album, ‘In Due Time’ has a much stronger integration of clean melodic vocals, which he has vastly improved and nigh perfected since his last album with Killswitch Engage.

Dutckiewicz, their lead guitarist, has seldom changed his form since the birth of Killswitch, and with good reason. The riffs are catchy and gather pace, pulling the growling vocals fluently through to the clean vocals. The well timed, excellently executed solo that Dutkewicz is better known for create a brilliant break in the track, adding  face-melting power cords and an awesome rhythmic ‘shredding’ to the progression of ‘In Due Time’.

Foley’s double bass drum adds a fearsome under beat so commonly associated within the realms of metalcore. The fast pace of the bass glues together the symphony of vocals and guitar, making for a well-crafted, well welded piece of metal music.

All in all, a beautiful hybrid of ‘Times of Grace’ and old ‘Killswitch Engage’, though I have to admit, I do miss some of Leach’s heavier gnarly growls that once added a brutal depth to their art. How do you feel about ‘In Due Time’?

-Words by Ashley King-



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