The Man Who Saved The World

Posted: May 4, 2016 in Features


The death of a loved one is never easy, especially when it is someone who you looked up to, were inspired by or even learned from.

It continues to amaze me how one single person could influence your entire life, make you the person that you are today. The funny thing is, you aren’t completely aware of the impact that person has made until they’re gone. I was at a funeral today, my cousin John Francis Kennedy passed away on the 2nd of May of a heart attack. This name means nothing to my readers of course but to me and my family, it means everything. John has been sick for a very long time and he knew it yet he never once let that stop him. You could talk to him for hours on end and always be in tears with laughing so much. He touched the soul of everyone he met; which begs the question, who influenced his life, who made him the man he was. The answer? The same as millions of people around the world, Kurt Cobain.

Cobain has to be one of the most influential people not just in the music industry but society as well. Lead singer for Nirvana Cobain reached the hearts of millions. For generations, boys and girls had jumped on their beds, swinging tennis rackets around and pretending to be the rock stars they dreamed they’d become.

Cobain, though, always seemed like he never wanted that kind of fame or the attention. He was tormented by his own personal demons and memories or his abusive childhood. He poured his pain and anger into his work creating not only exceptionally song still famous today, but a gateway into metal health. Cobain was among the first musicians to openly speak about his mental health issues.

I didn’t struggle with many of the issues that Cobain did such as divorced parents, homelessness, chronic pain or even substance abuse. However, Nirvana’s music, and Cobain’s broiling passion and clear-eyed vision, made me feel connected to him. I wasn’t the only one who was inspired by him, without his music there wouldn’t be bands like The Beatles.

What made him so special was that he seemed like a regular guy who stumbled into rock stardom and then recoiled from it when he reached the heights that some people spend their every waking breath striving for. That is punk rock. Who knows what would’ve happened if he hadn’t killed himself on 5Th of May 1994 but what we do know, he changed the world. He changed the way the world looked at music and more importantly, the way we look at mental health, he made the world a better place because without him, thousands would’ve have the courage to speak up and ask for the help that they need.

So Kurt Cobain, I’d like to thank you for the influence you have had on us and for being John’s idol, without you he wouldn’t have been the fun loving man we loved.


-Michele Kennedy


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