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The new single featuring Busted is one to look out for. The boys are back and better than ever with this catchy news single.

The song begins with an attention getting drum solo guaranteed to get your feet tapping, hands clapping and body swaying. Adding to this there is very good use of a harmonica and violin which fits well with the vibe of the track.

The vocals in this track don’t dominate over the instruments but fits perfectly with them. In fact they harmonise nicely with them, which makes the song very easy to listen too.

This track is perfect for a nice chilled night in with friends, a dinner party or you can even go crazy by singing along with it in the car (badly) with the speakers up at full blast.

The lyrics are easy to catch onto, which will make singing in the car less embarrassing since you can easily learn the words.

“Things are looking up, looking up (hey!)

There’s magic everywhere you go

Strangers stop to say hello (hello, hello, hello)

So turn it up, turn it up (hey!)

As loud as you can make it go

‘Cause love is on the radio”

This catchy chorus will most likely have you singing your heart out. McFly were trying to find their way in the new market when they did Above the Noise, they didn’t fundamentally change themselves.

Now they’re more comfortable with being like “yeah this is us.” And this has worked well for the boys as they are back on top form, the single is released on November 24th, make sure you download it as you wont regret it.

-Words By Michele Kennedy-


I Predict A Riot!

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Gigs, Music Videos, News, Record Reviews

Temper Temper is the fourth studio album by the Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine released on February 8, 2013 in Australia, and February 11, 2013 worldwide under RCA Records. The album was once again produced by Don Gilmore, who worked on the group’s last album, 2010’s Fever, and was mixed by noted engineer Chris Lord-Alge.

Critical reception of the album has been mostly mixed to negative. Ultimate-guitar stated, “Even the brighter musical moments struggle to get off the ground. It’s a real shame.” Similarly, Dom Lawson of The Guardian awarded Temper Temper two out of five stars, feeling the album “is marred by cynicism and a lack of dirt under its nails.” BBC’s Raziq Rauf gave the album a negative review, finishing with “The Welshmen need to improve on Temper Temper come their next long-player, or they risk lasting damage to a previously untouchable reputation

New track Riot is the type of song that is guaranteed to get any crowd going. It’s catchy and up beat, defiantly mosh pit worthy. Get your air guitars ready because for me the best part is the amazing guitar solo. You just cant help but rock out to.

Bullet will be appearing in Glasgow’s Hydro in early December so make sure you get your tickets. See you all there.

-Words By Michele Kennedy-

Pop sensation Katy Perry has said that she will no longer strip off in her music videos. In an interview with Capital FM the singer says that she can ‘no longer pull it off’.

Fresh from performing live to close iTunes Festival 2013, the Teenage Dream singer revealed that she is envious of Rihanna’s body and says she wants to keep the focus on her music for new album ‘Prism‘.

“Maybe I’m just getting a little bit older and as you get older you realise, oh I don’t know if I can pull that off anymore. I mean, if I had Rihanna’s body I would wear everything that Rihanna wears because she looks fabulous in all of it.”

She explained: “But I think I want to keep the attention on my music. I really have a lot of confidence in my songs that are coming out and that’s where I need most of the focus.”

Prism’ is the upcoming fourth studio album by the American pop princess. It is scheduled to be released on October 18, 2013 by Capitol Records.

Listen here!

Download “Roar” and pre-order ‘Prism’ out 10.22.13 on iTunes now. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think!


Posted: September 24, 2013 in Music Videos

Making a return to the music world, Lady GaGa’s new single doesn’t dispoint. Mother Monster took a few months away from the limelight after she broke her hip during the ‘Born This Way tour”.
Gaga is back on top form with another controversial video and again wearing next to nothing.
In an interview with Ryan Seacrest she had this to say:

“When I was finishing the tour, I was physically breaking,” she remembers. “I was in a lot of pain, but didn’t know where really. Anyone that’s a performer and does these world tours, will tell you your body goes through a tremendous amount of stress, and I didn’t know what was wrong … I have a strong threshold for pain, so I kept slapping myself saying, ‘Get it together’… and I was going crazy cause my moves didn’t feel the same and … the only thing that kept me going was the applause … and I was able to drown out the pain and finish the show.”

-Words By Michele Kennedy-

“Maybe Just Ok”

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Music Videos

New music for ‘Of Kings and Captain’s’ latest single which is now available to download on Itunes. The video shows exclusive backstage footage of their tour with Bon Jovi.

-Words By Michele Kennedy-