Lost Prophet Frontman Appears In Court

Posted: November 29, 2013 in News

Ian Watkins, the former frontman of Lost Prophets, will appear in court today to face a number of sexual offences, including raping a baby.

Watkins is to return to court over 24 alleged sexual offences, including two charges of raping a baby today (November 26). A panel of 22 potential jurors for the trial were selected at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday (November 25) where Watkins was present. A court sketch, depicting a greying Watkins, can be seen above.

Two women are also charged with sexual offences against children, which date back to 2007. It has been suggested by the judge that jurors may receive counselling after hearing the evidence.

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BBC News reports that Judge Justice Royce warned potential jurors “very graphic material” will be viewed as part of the trial. Watkins faces trial over two separate counts of baby rape as well as conspiracy to rape another child. Additional charges include one count of sexual assault, aiding and abetting sexual assault by penetration and conspiracy to sexually assault a child. Watkins also faces 17 counts of making, taking and possessing indecent images and one of possessing extreme pornographic image involving an animal. Watkins denies all charges.

Watkins’ trial is due to conclude by December 20 when court finishes for Christmas. However, should the trial run over it will re-commence on January 6.

Back in August, it was reported that Watkins was on suicide watch ahead of his trial. At the first pre-trial hearing, Watkins’ lawyer, Sally O’Neill, told the court that a clinical psychologist had recommended that he be moved from Parc Prison in Bridgend to a psychiatric hospital, and that he should receive anti-psychotic medication.

Earlier this year the remaining members of Lost Prophets announced their decision to split. The Welsh band formed in Pontypridd in 1997 and released debut album ‘The fake sound of progress’ in 2000. The band’s fifth album, ‘Weapons’, was released on April 2, 2012.  Take part in the poll below and leave a comment letting us know what you think.

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Dead Poets Interview

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Interviews

Since forming in 2008, Mark and Mixy have been challenging the preconceptions of poetry and hip-hop across the country. As ‘Dead Poets,’ they have performed in venues ranging from nightclubs to secondary schools; from festivals to formal dinners. They appeared on Radio 6 Live with Steve Merchant and have recently been on a National tour with Phrased and Confused.

‘Dead Poets’ now have an extended show with the help of Arts Council funding. The new show is gearing up for another tour, and they are currently taking bookings for hip-hop and/or poetry gigs.


Mc Mixy has been writing and performing from the age of 13 in and around the Peterborough area, and for the last three years has become increasingly present within hip hop and poetry circles across the UK. Along with being half of the double act ‘Dead Poets’ with mark grist Mixy is founder, host, resident and promoter of Peterborough’s ‘Locality’ along with a team of other artists local to the Peterborough area.

Locality aims to give local artists the chance to perform and develop their skills, whilst bringing some of the best names in UK hiphop to the city. Mixy has performed across clubs, pubs, schools, bus stops and festival tents across the country and spends a lot of spare time being involved with various local youth projects.

On his 2009 Mixtape (the MMIX Mixture Mixtape by Mixy) he has collaborated with 13 other artists including singers, guitarists, beatboxers, poets, producers and a wide range of MCs. He is currently working on another solo project to follow up the MMIX Mixture Mixtape. Mixy likes to stray from the stereotypes of hip hop and a lot of his material is rooted in issues and events he has experienced in his time. Always keen on experimenting with the art form, Mixy employs a range of styles and storytelling techniques in his performances and the pieces vary in their content, from fact to fiction, from serious to humorous.


Mark Grist is an overly enthusiastic English teacher based in Peterborough. Described as ‘fast paced’ and ‘a favourite on the spoken word scene,’ Mark’s poetry has gone down surprisingly well with those who probably know a lot more about it than he does. He has been fortunate enough to have performed in a range of pubs, theatres and clubs across the country, as well as hitting several festivals during the summer.

Over the past two years he has gained the title ‘Peterborough Poet Laureate in 2008’ and ‘Chief Bard of the Fens in 2009,’ much to his Mother’s delight. Mark’s double act, ‘Dead Poets’ with hiphop artist MC Mixy has been on a National tour and was featured on Steve Merchant’s show on Radio 6.

After an extended writing break/holiday in jersey, ‘Dead Poets’ are touring again in the spring as well as hitting the Edinburgh Fringe in the summer. Mark is currently working on a solo project titled ‘Shetland Boy’ that involves him returning to Unst (the most northern island in Great Britain) where he grew up. When this is finished he looks forward to having a nap in his hammock.


Leanne Smith is back again with this stunning new single. All profits made from this track will go to the CLAN Support Centre based in Aberdeen.

The support centre is an independent charity for anyone affected by any type of cancer at any time for diagnosis onwards. Whether affected personally, as a carer, family member or close friend, their service is available to anyone who needs it.

The track begins with an amazing guitar solo, sounding great. Shortly after the beautiful voice of 20 year old Leanne Smith starts to sing.

Her soft gental and fragile voice instantly catches the attention to all who are lucky enough to hear it.

Smith handle the notes exceptionally well, especially those high ones. The voice doesn’t dominate the track which makes hearing it twice as better.

The track is written by Smith herself. Lyrically the song is fantastic, it is well written and easy to listen to.

The backing music (the guitar) also played by Smith harmonised extremely well with the vocals and put together, a beautiful song is created.

The guitars opining to the song sound like one of those great county records that everyone knows the dance to.

“There’s no written rule

on what to do when I miss you,

you’re still alive,

only I can’t see you.”

These lyrics grabs my attention because they make sense to me, I can relate to them. They mean that when you miss someone, it feels like they’re gone for good, like you’re never going to see them again and it feels just like they’re dead, even though they are still completely alive, it’s the pain that follows losing someone.

‘Can’t See You’ is one of those songs that everyone will soon know and love, so much so that you will annoy your neighbours because you end up playing it on repeat for days on end and never get bored of it.

Every great artists needs great inspirations and its no surprise that those who inspire Smith is some of the greatest: “My favorite artists are Ben Howard, Lucy Rose, Daughter, Bon Iver, City and Colour, Regina Spektor, Jose Gonzalez, John Butler and Rachel Sermanni.”

Everyone can in some way or another connect to this song, its beautifully sung and written, well worth a listen. Plus it’s for a good cause so get downloading!

-Words By Michele Kennedy-

Download from ITunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cant-see-you-single/id724598805

Static Future: ‘Last Exit’

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Record Reviews


The opening to this track is a stunning guitar intro that sounds like one of those classic rock tunes, the ones with the amazing guitar solo in the middle.

The following drum beat backs up this assumption, however, when vocalist Gavin Marshall starts to sing, the track sounds completely different.

Not in a bad way, his voice works for the band, they have created their own style of music. Marshall brings something new to the band and you can most certainly hear it in this track.

Lyrically, I wouldn’t imagine someone singing alone to it in a car but listening to it drinking a glass of wine at home after a long day’s hard work at the office.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking that the song isn’t one to dancing along to at a bar, because after a few drinks you can most defantly dance along to it, the backing music makes that possible.

Drummer Harry Parlane keeps the beat of the track well and doesn’t dominate the track. He allows everyone an equal role to play and that is essential to making this track sound as good as it does.

-Words By Michele Kennedy-

This is one to look out for, go crazy and but the album, you won’t be disappointed.

Listen here! 

Lost Ghosts: ‘Summer Nothing’

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Record Reviews


Sitting here in my bed, I receive an email asking me to review this track. I think ‘great more work on top of all my college deadlines; but hey, I wanted to be a music journalist and this is the sort of thing I have to get used to, deadlines, countless reviews and so on.

Now I had never heard of this band before I got sent the task of reviewing them, so naturally, before even looking at the track, I Google that band, for background information and to let myself know what kind of band I am about to listen to, being all informed and all that.

I don’t know why but I was shocked to find that a girl was on lead vocals. Anyway, after a while of researching I click the play button. First thing I hear? A great guitar opening, not too in your face though, it’s sort of like a peaceful sound but at the same time, the type of sound you know will be upbeat and sound great.

Shortly after, I hear the female vocalist for the first time and again I am shocked that the fact that she is a woman, still don’t know why.

However, her voice works well and you can most certainly hear her Glasgow accent. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Gabriella Biazotti’s voice harmonises with the great backing music created by Gary Carlton (drums and backing vocals), Derek Connor (guitar and synths) and Daniel Young (bass and backing vocals).

The song addresses breaking out and searching for answers about failed or failing relationships but does so in a way people will enjoy. You can’t tell that the song is about such a thing because it is so upbeat and catchy.

The background music lifts your spirits and actually makes you feel good about completing whatever task you have at hand, in my case that’ll be studying.

So sitting here complaining about my work load was for nothing because this track playing in the background actually helped me, it made time go faster and it made studying more enjoyable, which I didn’t think was possible.

-Words By Michele Kennedy-

Listen here:

Leanne Smith: ‘Canals’

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Record Reviews


Trying to keep on top of my workload now I now look at the list of possible reviews and I come across the name ‘Leanne Smith’, somehow that name grabs my eye and I start digging into her background. I find a link on her Facebook page that allows you the chance to listen to her perform her new single ‘canal’ live at Clearwater.

The song begins with a beautiful acoustic guitar solo that instantly grabs your attention, played by Smith. The guitar intro start to pick up the pace slightly in preparation for the gorgeous vocals on Smith herself.

The song was written by herself and done so brilliantly. I was surprised to discover that this very talented individual is just 20 years old.

Her soft and fragile voice works well with the track, her voice is the type you can listen to all day easily, I have had ‘Canals’ on repeat a few times by now and it just keeps sounding better each time.

The Scottish accent come out throughout the song but that doesn’t cause any problems for her, it works well in her favour. Her album is defiantly work buying.

I can now study listening to all these great new artists, especially from Miss Smith as you can’t help but feel relaxed while listening to her stunning voice.

-Words By Michele Kennedy-

Listen to it here : 


With all the good tracks I’ve listened to recently in order to review them, I was expecting these tracks to be just as good, just as catchy and just as bouncy enough to have you swaying on your seat at the Bar or even singing badly to in the car, however, you don’t need to worry about that because The Only Living Boy does that for you.

The first track I come across is called ‘Second Girl To Break My Heart’. I hit play, expecting this amazing voice to follow the decent instruments. Instead I get this pitchy, out of tune vocals.

This is what I expect to hear from some poor guy from the X factor to sing at his live audition, I never understood the phrase “sounds like someone killing a cat” until I heard this.

However, I decide to give the band the benefit of the doubt and think it was just a one off, so I continued to listen to the other tracks.

The second song I come across is one called ‘In The Morning’, again it sounded terrible, even my dog who is sitting next to me left the room.

I have a quick listen to the other tracks hoping that it gets better, besides how worse can it get right? I couldn’t be more wrong, ‘The Counsellor Song’ is the worst yet.

Throughout it just sound like someone screaming, some drunk guy on karaoke after one too many beers. They are expecting people to pay for this kind of music.

I feel bad writing this but I can’t lie, maybe it’s just because it’s not my type of music I don’t know but this certainly didn’t go down well for me.

The only thing I liked listening to this EP is the backing music, the guitarist is soft and gentle where needed to be, it’s just too bad the vocals kills any chance of it ever being good.

-Words By Michele Kennedy-

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The above is a list of the top 10 bands of all time, ranging from old classics to current stars. Of course there are a few that I would’ve loved to add but didn’t make it. Bands like Busted have been a big part of the music scene even now, long after they have disbanded, shaping how songs are written today.

This is my own opinion of course, let me know in the comments what you think, who would you choose as your top 1o and give me reasons why. Have you ever met your idol?

-Words By Michele Kennedy-

Gallery  —  Posted: November 19, 2013 in Features

The new single featuring Busted is one to look out for. The boys are back and better than ever with this catchy news single.

The song begins with an attention getting drum solo guaranteed to get your feet tapping, hands clapping and body swaying. Adding to this there is very good use of a harmonica and violin which fits well with the vibe of the track.

The vocals in this track don’t dominate over the instruments but fits perfectly with them. In fact they harmonise nicely with them, which makes the song very easy to listen too.

This track is perfect for a nice chilled night in with friends, a dinner party or you can even go crazy by singing along with it in the car (badly) with the speakers up at full blast.

The lyrics are easy to catch onto, which will make singing in the car less embarrassing since you can easily learn the words.

“Things are looking up, looking up (hey!)

There’s magic everywhere you go

Strangers stop to say hello (hello, hello, hello)

So turn it up, turn it up (hey!)

As loud as you can make it go

‘Cause love is on the radio”

This catchy chorus will most likely have you singing your heart out. McFly were trying to find their way in the new market when they did Above the Noise, they didn’t fundamentally change themselves.

Now they’re more comfortable with being like “yeah this is us.” And this has worked well for the boys as they are back on top form, the single is released on November 24th, make sure you download it as you wont regret it.

-Words By Michele Kennedy-

I Predict A Riot!

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Gigs, Music Videos, News, Record Reviews

Temper Temper is the fourth studio album by the Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine released on February 8, 2013 in Australia, and February 11, 2013 worldwide under RCA Records. The album was once again produced by Don Gilmore, who worked on the group’s last album, 2010’s Fever, and was mixed by noted engineer Chris Lord-Alge.

Critical reception of the album has been mostly mixed to negative. Ultimate-guitar stated, “Even the brighter musical moments struggle to get off the ground. It’s a real shame.” Similarly, Dom Lawson of The Guardian awarded Temper Temper two out of five stars, feeling the album “is marred by cynicism and a lack of dirt under its nails.” BBC’s Raziq Rauf gave the album a negative review, finishing with “The Welshmen need to improve on Temper Temper come their next long-player, or they risk lasting damage to a previously untouchable reputation

New track Riot is the type of song that is guaranteed to get any crowd going. It’s catchy and up beat, defiantly mosh pit worthy. Get your air guitars ready because for me the best part is the amazing guitar solo. You just cant help but rock out to.

Bullet will be appearing in Glasgow’s Hydro in early December so make sure you get your tickets. See you all there.

-Words By Michele Kennedy-